DE5 will provide better contents, better products, and of course better service for and to ASIANS.
One of main dream is to unite and blend among excellent companies
within ASIA to make better and happier ASIA.


DE5, founded in 2016 and headquartered in Seoul, Korea, aims to work as a BRIDGE between companies,
and other stakeholders such as governments, institutions, and corporations especially in Asia market.

DE5 provides wide range of business contents
and with our expertise and experience both in Korean and Global market.

DE5 strive to build trust with our partners through our quick-win problem solving skills
as well as holistic and forward-looking view
and provide realistic recommendations to support clients for achieving their most important business objectives.


  • Business Area

    - Create Global Channels in Sales and Distribution
    - Global Branding / Marketing
    - Consulting for Importing / Exporting
    - Consulting for International Law or Legal issues

  • Leading Nations

    - East Asia(Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia and etc.)
    - Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and etc.)
    - South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and etc.)
    - West Asia (UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, and etc.)


이미지 업로드

Joon Mo Kim



Mobligation – CEO

  • Planning digital advertising platform
  • Planning mobile browser development
  • Planning and launching mobile applications
  • Snoopby – CMO(Eyewear brand)

  • Establish brand strategy
  • Digital marketing performance management
  • Mobligation – CEO

  • Building digital marketing platform
  • Digital marketing study
  • Digital brand marketing consulting
  • 「Small but strong nano brands」author

  • Digital marketing book
  • Digital brand marketing lecture
  • First-generation digital marketing

  • Since 1998
  • Building content sites and banner ads
  • 이미지 업로드

    Jin Won Shon



    JD Solution – Head of Overseas Business Development
    August 2015-Present (Seoul, Korea)

  • Develop business plan for overseas market
  • Review IR materials and investment proposals
  • Ministry of Finance – Canada Ontario
    May 2006 – Present (On leave of absence)

  • Special Investigation Branch
    Prepare and execute search warrant under the criminal code of Canada Investigate and gather intelligence with various enforcement agencies including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Regional Police Services, Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), etc.
  • Tax advisory Branch Interpret tax legislation to constituents, cabinet ministers, member of parliaments Conduct Tax Information Forum with various professional committee/bodies. (i.e. Law Society of Canada, Big 4 accounting firms, local governments, businesses) Review amendment of budget and legislation
  • Northumberland County Economic Development – International Business Development Advisor Jan 2012 – Present (Ontario, Canada)

    이미지 업로드

    Jung Hun Jeon



    Mcorecompany – CEO
    Jul. 2015 – Present

  • Building diDigital marketing study
  • Digital marketing platform
  • Digital brand marketing consulting
  • Mobligation – COO
    Feb. 2015 – Present

  • Planning digital advertising platform
  • Planning mobile browser development
  • Mobile applications planning and development
  • Mcorecompany – Vice president
    Feb. 2011 – Jun. 2015

  • Building digital marketing platform
  • Digital brand marketing research and planning
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine Purchasing
    Jan. 2008 – Feb. 2011

  • Contract the main engine annual purchasing contracts
  • Order and discuss delivery of the main engine
  • 이미지 업로드

    Young Ho Je



    Admanthos Shipping Agency – Technical Superintendent

  • Ensure safe operation of allocated vessels
  • Ensure that all ships are fully certified according to international standards and requirements
  • Prepare technical reports to owners in compliance with management agreement
  • Shootup – Manager

  • Collaborates with other program engineers to create, maintain, and modify system models using Riverbed (OPNET) Modeler  
  • Perform modeling, simulation and other types of analysis to predict system performance, validate sizing and configuration, identifybottlenecks and optimize design to meet or exceed established throughput and capacity requirements.
  • Established system performance benchmarks through testing on development test facility (DTF) equipment and analysis of results 
  • Member of

  • Consultant of Dream Enter of the Ministry of Science,ICT and Future Planning
  • Executive of Korea Venture business Association
  • 이미지 업로드

    Greg Hong-Gi Kim



    Badminton Asia Confederation – Hon. Secretary General
    Apr. 2015 – Present

  • Responsible for the development and administration of Badminton
  • In collaboration with the Board establish, agree and deliver the strategic plan (vision, mission, policy direction) and annual operational plan with measurable performance outcomes for the organization and the sport.
  • Monitor, review and report to the Board on the operational and financial performance of the organization and in particular to inform them of any variances and agree a recovery strategy as required.
  • Ensure the organization is kept informed of the sporting, business and political landscape (significant challenges, opportunities, developments and trends which may affect it) to inform future direction.
  • Lobby on behalf of the sport to ensure its success and sustainability
  • World Commission of Sport Science – Racquet Sport September 2014 – Present

    GKnetworks – CEO
    Jan 2012 – Present

  • Sports marketing and management (i.e. Lee Yongdae, etc.)
  • Contents distributor specialized in ASEAN region

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